The Odyssey of Human Quests - Myth, Philosophy, Science

The Odyssey of Human Quests - Myth, Philosophy, Science
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    Stathis Kapogiannopoulos
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    As Stathis Kapogiannopoulos makes clear in this book, faith is the starting point of logos (reason). Man copes with nature through the resultant synthesis of faith and logos, as this is manifested in all human leading symbolic institutions, such as myth, art, religion, philosophy, and science.
    After a glorious course of 26 centuries, philosophy is  proceeding towards oblivion and decline, according to various contemporary "big names" who have already anticipated the end of history and ideologies, the death of God, etc.
    Nevertheless, the practice of philosophical reflection is not moribund at all.  As our species evolves along with the endless Odyssey of our quests, science –still in its infancy– will continue to coexist with its forerunners myth and philosophy. 
    The present essay entitled The Odyssey of Human Quests – Myth, Philosophy, Science, an outcome of long research and synthesis, was published in Greek by Diavlos Publications in 2004 and is now addressed to an international audience in its English version.
    The author through his 135 quests, attempts to shed light to  the multi-faceted and labyrinthine paths of the truth.
    Stathis A. Kapogiannopoulos was born in Athens, Greece in 1948. He studied Civil Engineering and between 1984-1998 he was owner and general manager of "Stadium Tours LTD", an Incoming Tour Operator specializing in Incentives and Conventions. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian. He has translated various texts and publications and has published articles in the foreign and Greek press. In 1994 he published his first book entitled "Mentalities and Perspectives in the Threshold of the 21st Century".